Sunday, November 27, 2011


2 out of 3 kitties. I have to get one of Tabitha. The grey and white kitty is Lucy. She has 13 toes up front. She was snagged from the side yard about 5 or 6 years ago. The black & white kitty is Molly. We are her 3rd (and final) owners. Previously, she was Olive, then Milly. I got her from the vet's a few days after we had to have our old cat, Merlin, put to sleep. Couldn't stop thinking about that face. Adopted her & changed her name by one letter to Molly. It took months for her to stop flinching when you went to pet her. She doesn't like kids either. Makes you wonder how she was treated in those other homes. I kiss cats on top of the head. She had no idea what I was trying to do. She would back up to you to get next to you. That has gone by the wayside. She touches noses with me. She stands up on her hind legs & bumps the top of her head against my lips when I ask her for a kiss before she gets her canned food. She's getting old now. But hubby says as long as she can walk around, use the litter box & still grumps for food every day, she's staying put.

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  1. I do loves me a good kitty story. Our best girl, Stinky lived to be 24 years old. It was the same with us near the end. If she was still eating and moving then we kept her comfortable. Her and my dad were close and when the time came she went to his feet like every other morning and just passed where she knew she was safe. He went out and buried her and made a nice stone for grave. She was a great cat. Currently I am sure you have read the adventures of The Admiral. He is 16 this year and I can see him slowing down a bit.